Chop Wood; Carry Water

Chop Wood; Carry Water

So if you know this is a dream, all the way in, no scrap of shame, no bit of self left behind, does that mean that you do nothing to improve the lot of your fellow dream characters? Do you simply stand down — it’s a dream after all so why bother?

Could a dreamed character do nothing or even do something? Could you choose to act in a particular way? Could you stand down?

Is that possible, could it ever be possible even if the dreamed character didn’t know it is a dream, is caught in the lived state of believing in the dream?

Of course not. Dream characters, and we’re all characters in Godmind, don’t have script writing benefits. They are the flow of divine improvisation, the script that is being written in each breath. It’s not something that is pre-destined. It is alive, unfolding now, always here as just what is.

You dance in accord with the model that runs within, with that which appears as your worldview, your spiritual understanding. As it shifts and changes, you appear to shift and change. It’s not solid. It’s totally extemporaneous. It is absolutely out of control. You can’t get your hands around it. There’s literally nothing to control.

Awaken from the dream and nothing changes. The world continues. Stuff happens. You appear to respond. You go on chopping wood and carrying water … and everything changes. The reactionary, the separate self lays down, the one who could be harmed is seen to be a dream character and the dream, the dreamed characters continue to act, continue to be.

How delightfully perfect is that! Life goes on. You speak. You write. You giggle and shed tears. You love and smile. The compassionate heart now fully alive, God arisen in form, heaven come to earth, acts through its beloved self, you.

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