I find it fascinating that not just every day folk, but those deemed to be wise, even those held to the standard of enlightenment, hold such diverse points of view on so many things — vaccines being just one example. (and no, this isn’t a vaccine post so don’t go there)

The variety of views demonstrates that points of view are nothing more than thoughts passing through, vantage points for the road, expressions of This That Is that has no point of view.

Do we control which one runs through us, which character in the script we get to play? Am I Alice or am I the Queen of Hearts? Could I really ever know? No, not for certain. Certainty is one of the illusions here in Wonderland.

It’s all part of the glorious 3D movie and just like in a movie the characters aren’t in on the screen writing. They don’t even get to go off-script. They are expressions of the writer, the director and act accordingly.

Fascinating. Curiouser and curiouser.

How much fun this is when blame falls away, when judgment disappears like the Cheshire Cat’s smile, when wonderland returns to wonderland. I play my role with aplomb, uncertainty everywhere.


For the sake of creativity of course. Notice those who are certain, who stake their lives on knowing what they think they know? They suffer. They can’t endure plot twists, aren’t flexible enough to shapeshift when the director changes course and this movie is nothing if not plot twisty.

Just when you think you’ve read far enough ahead in the script, bam, pow, kablooie, it’s a WTF moment. They can’t be avoided in this 3D game, only moved with, entered into, costume changed, deeply experienced.

You know what happens to rigid forms, don’t you? They break. They shatter. Unable to adapt, they appear to die, or worse, they marbleize, are dead while alive.

Wonderland’s built-in uncertainty is why so many are valiantly trying to leave the 3D, to get to what is termed the 5D. It too, is an escape route, a world that appears to be more rewarding, but … and it’s a big one. … wherever you go, there you are — the one who wanted to escape, the you, the good and the bad — you just take it with you!

You cannot escape your experience; you are your experience. You are this in which it all appears, 3D or 5D — the screen upon which it plays — the pure consciousness that localizes as form, and that into which it returns when its precious part in the movie ends.

Knowing what this is, why would anyone want to leave Wonderland? You can’t anyway, so in wide-eyed wonder ride upon the Hatter’s hat, meet the Queen with precocious curiosity and in your uniquely perfect fashion slay that Jabberwocky.

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