The Ledge

If I could share how to be happy in the most simple terms what words would I use? Happiness, that’s really what we all want regardless of the forms we think it takes. The drive is always the search for happiness, not gleeful off the charts, unnatural happiness but gentle peaceful contentment and joy.

The Dalai Lama uses the word kindness. That’s a good one. When the world appears to be falling apart if you can be nothing else, be kind. It fits. There’s another word I like even better, love, although that one is rife with baggage. We each have our own interpretations of every word but the word love seems to trigger a lot for people. I get that, and even so, I haven’t found an alternative word of its caliber.

For me love means honoring the unfolding now, giving my full YES to life as it is. That’s love for me, a big unequivocal YES. I’ve spent this life traveling from the shallow end to the bottomless depths of this YES and I can honestly say that nothing less than full-on all-in no-toe left behind ends the search. Or least it was so for me.

Along the way, every definition, every idea of what it looked like let go … and there were a lot of them. Those seemingly innocent, often beautiful definitions were symptoms of a hidden unwillingness to dive deeper, buoyant life vests that made leaving the shallows impossible. They weren’t the unconditional love, the full YES. They were a Yes if, Yes but, Yes when it fits my definition.

Perhaps that’s the reason the great plunge into the depths is often preceded by great loss. It feels safer on the ledge until the unwillingness is stripped away when nothing remains on which to stand. It’s was like life slowly, exactingly withdrew the ledge, shriveling it until I tumbled into the abyss I’d desperately wanted and just as desperately avoided.

There’s no going back. Once you’ve seen the truth of what This actually is, once you find there is no bottom, no top or sides, no you falling, no one to be harmed, nothing here but love loving itself, life life-ing, This This-ing who could go back? Who would want to? There is no who left to do anything.

YES is the recognition of life’s inherent goodness, its unconditional love, it’s all-in all-inclusive Thisness. It doesn’t mean that everything works out, that life is all good, not good in the sense we have all been trained to understand it anyway. It doesn’t even mean that my loved ones will love me back or that the appearance of suffering, illness and death will pass by my door. It simply means YES. Yes this is. Yes this is what I am experiencing now.

Nothing changes and everything changes. The illusion lives on. The delusion ends. Life is seen for what it is, what it has always been. It is only the definitions of what it should look like that occlude the view. Absolute happiness is always right here, right now. The absolute unconditional YES makes it crystal clear.

And here’s the requisite paradox for the day. Does this mean we say YES to everything. That’s the big push back. Admit it. How could you say yes to all that bad stuff. Here’s the rub. You aren’t saying yes or no. THIS acts as you, through the appearance of a you. The words, or energy, of yes or no appear based on This appearing as a million little things. Seeing this clearly is YES even when it appears as a no. Don’t get it? No problem. It seems this little exercise was mostly for me — just to see what words This might use to describe the indescribable. Did it succeed — yes and no and YES!

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