It’s About Time

It’s time … or about time 😉… in the timeless now.

Appearing in time and space, individuated timelessness can only understand life in terms of time and space. You, the human expression of the timeless spacelessness, sees through the lens of time plus three dimensional space. It’s not unlike wearing a pair of 3D glasses at a movie only your glasses are built right in, not just visually, but overlaid on the mind. They are the viewing portal through which you experience everything that can be experienced.

To see what really is, you must go beyond time and space into the timeless spaceless non-dimensional and that’s the rub. Time and space can’t t disclose timeless spacelessness. It’s impossible. The moment you focus on anything, you are looking through the built-in lens.

Yikes! What’s a seeker gonna do?

Looking, seeking, searching, whether for a state of mind or an experience of transcendence is still subject to the built-in lens. It stares down the scope of awareness and looks out upon the objects of life, others and things, experiences inner and outer, rather than exploring what’s looking. It’s on the right track, just the wrong end.

What if instead of following the habitual path, awareness looking out or even within at something, you turned the focus off completely. It’s not needed. It never was. Life appears and disappears regardless of focus but while focused we miss that which is prior to all appearances.

What is it that is aware? Are you aware? What knows you are? It requires a stepping back, a stepping in, a stepless step, defocusing on the objects of awareness and simply becoming aware of what it is that is aware.

It is so ordinary that it is missed, so everyday that it is overlooked. It is taken for granted, seen to be just the way we are made, not realizing that yes, it is the way we are made and we are made in the image of God — not the outer, but this stunningly empty, magnificently unconditional, powerfully knowing, presence of awareness.

You can keep looking and you may find many wonderful states and experiences but they will not give you lasting happiness and peace, and isn’t that what you are really looking for? So why not stop a moment or two and let go, unfocus, see what’s aware and abide here.

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