Living It

“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience, a process that cannot be understood by stopping it. We must move with the flow of the process. We must join it. We must float with it.” Dune 2021

Do you feel the need to understand the Universe and your part in it? Are you drawn to search and seek, to read everything you can get your hands on? Do you often feel like you are missing something very important? Are you afraid you will die before you are let in on the cosmic joke? Do you ache within, quake with heartbreak?

Would it help if you your experience is totally natural for where you find yourself in this moment? That there is nothing wrong with feeling compelled to search, with your fear, with your breaking heart? Would that knowing ease the pain?

Perhaps, but it still wouldn’t be comfortable and … it’s important to remember that comfort is overrated. Comfort means that you are currently experiencing the known, that you are not in process of being stripped of beliefs, are not questioning your thoughts or reality. And really, be honest now, is that what you really want? How boring is that!

Some days feel in need of a little comfort but perhaps the true and lasting comfort you seek is in settling in with the discomfort, in making friends with it, in recognizing that it is here and so are you. You see that you can run but it is futile; what’s inside runs with you.

Maybe it’s not about understanding what’s happening but living your life fully openly, flowing with it as it is. Maybe all life asks is for you to lay down your burdens, the self-judgment, the blame and regret, the attempts to control. Maybe it wants you to simply be, to lay down your arms, to stop trying to massage life into your idea of something that works, to stop denying life its inherent goodness, its perfection.

Wouldn’t that redefine comfort?

Maybe your life is working just fine. Perhaps the ups and downs are exactly what is needed — not wanted — but needed. Maybe all life requires is your appreciation, your embrace, your willingness to live it as is. Perhaps that is the key you seek, the one that unlocks unconditional all-inclusive glorious love.

It makes sense. How can life give you all that if you aren’t open and ready to reciprocate? Life can’t withhold its bounty. It simply is all-giving, all-loving. all-inclusive. It’s just that you can’t receive what you deny.

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