House of Mirrors

Life’s a wondrous game of hide ‘n seek and life itself is the only player, reflecting itself to itself through the infinite forms of the mirrors of manifestation. So many analogies …. a fun house mirror that splits the real into countless rippling images or that old tv program, ‘I’ve Got a Secret’ that always ended with, will the real _____ please stand up.

Until the bubble pops, you tend to resist the idea that you aren’t real. Of course you do because you know you exist. You are intimately aware that you are. Personal experience trumps ideas like not being real and well it should. Personal experience is what we all know, is knowing itself. It’s prima facie evidence of consciousness. If anything is the holy grail, personal experience qualifies.

Maybe you’re real, just not real in the sense you’ve always thought you were. Reality, for most, is being a human who was born, and like the other things in the big bad, discriminately good universe, will die. You, the you believed to be real, is here for a few years, makes choices and either fails miserably or slightly, and then is gone in a flash, either gone on to something better or simply gone depending on your hopes and indoctrination.

Kind of funny that an overwhelmingly high percentage of humans cling to that possibility with all they’ve got.

When life in its many forms invites you to lay that burden down it seems impossible or simply uninviting. You can’t imagine a world in which you aren’t real. You don’t want to live as that world even if it is true. It’s easier to dismiss it than to consider what it offers, what it actually means. Hoping to attain enlightenment, or purpose and meaning, community and love, are goals for a someone believed to be real not for someone who isn’t. That one, the non-existent one, gets nothing or so the story goes, so the invitation goes unopened.

That’s just because you haven’t yet imagined big enough, crazy wild enough. You not being you isn’t a big deal if you are the entire show, the Real that ripples into all images, the hider and the seeker, the one who stands up at the end of the show.

Of course all those are analogies. There is no one. There aren’t even two. It’s all non-ripple ripples, images in consciousness, a game playing itself, a stunningly simple, apparent complex show with no end and no beginning, and no words that can come close.

What to do? You’re already doing it, the you that is This, that Is. Relax and enjoy the special effects. It’s all here just for You!

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