The Face of God

When I see you, it is the face of God I perceive. Touching you, it is the body of God I feel. In truth there is no me, no you, there is only God appearing as all things, all experiences, appearances arising and falling in Godmind.

All perceptions hold within them this mystery, not a special holding, not a deep mystical holding that only the wise can see, but the very ordinary through and through, all in all, nothing but this stunning mystery that only Is. Looking for mystical experiences veils the very ordinary, extraordinary nature of nature.

I have never seen a human, an cuddly puppy, a brilliant sunset, a sweetly falling tear. I cannot reach out and touch anything, any thing at all. I have never heard a sound thundering or whispering nor tasted the myriad delicacies of life.

It seems I have. It appears as if I have lived and loved, felt and experienced life, but I have not.

It isn’t simply that I am not, therefore ‘I’ could not do any of those things but that things, all things, worlds and universes, two-leggeds, four leggeds, no leggeds, and nature, are not as well. Basic awareness, aware presence, is all there is and even that goes a step too far. It leaves the possibility of non-awareness, of absence, of some version that is not basic. Minds want to explore. Leave any opening and off they go.

What a wondrous experiential this life is. All the delights and sorrows, heart-stopping bliss and heart-wrenching fear without a scrap of real harm. What we call life is truly a divine theme park, complete with entrance gates, kiddie rides, rollercoasters, bungie jumps and a scary funhouse. The exit gates, closing time –death — stealthily approaches but is another illusion in a world of illusions.

What wild and loving mystery could create such an amusing unsettling world with such undeniable tangible sensuous reality? This of course, This that some call God, This that only Is — Aware Presence. What a cool game!

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