The Burning Bush

Is it enough to simply love, to love simply? Can we stop right here and let love work its magic without our interference … and what is interference but opinion preference judgment — the right-eousness of separation, the shaping of reality into a form other than love.

That’s life as most know it — layers and layers and layers of interference masquerading as what is. Underneath it all, comprising it all, is love for there is nothing else. Even the evil in our world is a cry for love.

It seems everyone has an opinion preference judgment. They fall like mists that cloud the skies of love. What if we let them drop — just for a breath … it doesn’t have to be forever — and let love have its way without any input from the limited mind … and simply watch as the unlimited creates and crafts, spilling out its inherent glory.

What might happen? It wouldn’t be too big a risk. After all, you can always run a little interference if the flame gets too hot. That’s why you do it, you know. Standing in the middle of the burning bush, its brightness — your brightness — blinds you and you look away — you put a layer of safety between you and the light, disrupting the effortless flow.

It’s uncomfortable letting the flame take you apart, to look into the brilliance and let it subsume you, so you close your eyes, tightly, bring your hands up to block the intensity. It’s hard to face the truth of you.

All your life you’ve been telling yourself lies. You’ve believed the pain-filled slights, the nasty jabs, the not-so-playful pokes, the jarring jokes at your expense. Along the way you bought into your smallness and shrunk just a bit in your own estimation, but none of that changed who you really are one bit.

You are so much more than you’ve let yourself be. You know it too. You’ve always known. Love is your remedy. Love simply. Simply love … and stop there. Go no further. What is love? It is your YES to this moment, to yourself, to life, as it is. As. It. Is. You don’t have to improve on anything. Love already has that perfectly preciously in hand.

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