Trained Seal Mind

Be. Here. Now. Experience. Awareness. Consciousness. Knowing. Presence. Love. Isness. This.

Same, same … no difference.

No thing and all there is.

Nothing but experiencing — no one to experience — no thing to experience — simple knowing awareness doing it’s thing — slang expression — not a true thingy. Haha.

Not tens of thousands of little things arising in a bazillion awarenesses but basic Thisness, simple experiencing.

We think — assume — that we are the pinpoint of awareness that we experience life through, and that others are doing the same and therefore are what we assume ourselves to be.

We couldn’t be more wrong … on both counts.

Where do I end and you begin? If we are indeed separate, there has to be a line dissecting awareness, my ending and your beginning, or your ending and my beginning. If you can’t find one it’s time to reimagine what you believe.

Go back — go way back — to the innocence you were when you first waved your hands and kicked your toes, back when you were still spitting up a little breast milk with the burp.

Look and see if you can find a beginning, an end, if you can find anything beyond semantics, anything at all beyond your trained seal mind.

Bet you can’t!

I bet you can’t even find a you, let alone a me when you are open enough to look at the actuality of what is — when you set down your well-earned, very natural, inherited and learned, assumptions about how life is, about what you are.

Sit and empty and see if you can find one scrap of difference in now and awareness, in experience and knowing, in here and presence, in be and love. That’s as good a place as any to wade into the creek in the ocean of youness.

Good God! What are you? What am I? What is This?

There is no more important inquiry for these times. Oh yeah … while you’re at it see if you can find time in time, time in now or a semblance of space in here that exists beyond awareness, without experiencing, that isn’t here … you know the drill.

Blessings my friends. Oh what fun!

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