You Already Know

I’m going to tell you something you don’t want to hear. You already know it, but many of you have yet to fully accept it.

Life isn’t fair. It will never be all roses and no thorns. Some people will appear to win in spite of seeming unworthy of any good fortune. Others will appear to lose even though they seem worthy of much more. It isn’t, nor will this dimensional life ever be, golden light and the absence of shadow.

No matter how much inner work you do, how much knowledge you accumulate, how enlightened you become, how much you deny yourself, how many friends you reject or who reject you, how many caves you enter and how long you stay put, dimensional life will not roll over and give you what you desire … and as long as you are in a body, dimensional life is the game.

Guessing it’s the game, period. No dimensionality. No game.

Bliss and nothing else are not in the cards … and you know it.

You can see that. I know you know all the way into my bones. You see it and still believe you’ll find a way to get more of the good stuff and less of the bad.

This belief stands at the source of all unhappiness, teases war into being, feeds the greed of poverty, a poverty of the soul. This desire for more, for less, this deep-seated craving which is actually the desire to experience what you fundamentally are, this that is a rejection of life and the grand search for the truth of you, cannot let life be, cannot soothe your heartbreak, cannot offer what you seek.

Do you feel the tug-o-war within?

Life can only be experienced as sets of opposites — joy and sadness, love and fear, grief and bliss, health and illness, life and death. Experiencing one automatically invites the other.

See that and be free of the self-inflicted torture. Clear seeing — the seeing that rewrites beliefs by itself — the seeing that is not a doing but a recognition — that is your friend.

When we assume a body and a mind — yes an intended double entendre — we limit the limitless, crafting finite expressions out of infinity. It is the price This That Is pays to experience dimensional life and also the reason we feel like we are much more than we appear to be.

From the moment we are born we are returning to the limitlessness we are — the not twoness, the all-powerful, all-present, all knowing (that in which all is known) Infinite Aliveness.

This that Is, knows through its finite forms. There isn’t an eye in the sky, a grandfather on a cloud. This That Is, the not twoness is pure potential, holding the possibilities of every experience, none of which are realized until it assumes form, until it assumes thought perception sensations feelings, until in the quintessential elemental act of love, it becomes you and me.

Stop. See the improvement game for what it is. It is not your friend, even though it is walking you home.

Art by Afennis on Deviantart.

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