Reflection of Inner Resonance

Life is the reflection of our inner resonance, although it’s doesn’t work the way the mind would guess. Your resonance creates your world, but only to a small degree. More accurate, our resonance creates the vibratory field that is our world. It’s collective, communal, interdependent—a network of resonance that does not simply include, but is everything—people, plants, creatures, forests, rock and gems—everything. If you want to change the reflection that is your world, our world, the solution is much more intertwined and subtle than changing the way you think.

God, the Divine Intelligence, is creating the world by means of our experience of this world. We are the waves of cooperation fueling the next moment’s expression. If our nerves are contracted they signal exasperation, fear, worry, and more of the same manifests. It’s not our thoughts as much as our body’s level of openness that sends the message. Grasping constricted energy brings more lack, disharmony, pain and suffering. When we see ourselves as separate, we contract and produce waves which are far less than what is possible. Were we unconditionally loving, if we vibrated in love, peace and compassion, without thought of self, the world would astound even the most imaginative amongst us. God creates with each breath we take. We are the eyes and ears, the nervous system of creation.

reflection2This is the reason spiritual unfolding, spiritual opening is so important. We will continue vibrating and creating the same game over and over until we see that our deeply held beliefs are actually lies. It’s not an inconsequential game; it’s an immensely important game. The idea of our independence, our free-will is is so deeply ingrained in the collective folklore merely mentioning another possibility makes me appear crazy. I’m not. Well maybe I am—crazy like most mystics, like most who point to truths not even considered by most.

Life as we all know it is one giant puzzle, a game seemingly designed, successfully I might add, to keep us from seeing through the lie that we are in control. While there are individual manifestations of God, only God exists. We aren’t doing anything. Life is being lived as us by Divine Intelligence. While I, the individual, apparently separate from the rest of the world, doesn’t exist in a world of God alone, paradoxically I do. I am the one through whom wave patterns creating our world flow, and the One who orchestrates the symphony. I exist in human form; as a human, but in that capacity, I don’t have direct power. Divine Intelligence utilizes the feedback that is my system, all our systems, and miraculously creates. It has full control, and no control for it creates from what we are.

The game as it is played now, requires us to keep our eyes closed, to continue in ignorance – ignorance, being simply a lack of awareness. I think it’s too late. We are already waking up. We are beginning to suspect that something bigger, much bigger is afoot.

While you hang onto the idea of individual control, some control, little control, any control, you vibrate in a control frequency and fuel expressions of control, conflict, and wars, big and small, personal and global. If you still think you have some control, if you believe you are the doer, you will stop only when you see through the hypnosis and realize it to be a lie. You will continue vibrating right where you are until you stop and look, until you pay close attention. Life seems to arrange those epiphany moments for just that purpose in the form of illness, break-ups, life changing events. The good news is that Life is evolving Itself towards higher and higher vibrations, so it will make certain we have every opportunity to shift.

If you think you can still change things, that there is something for you to do, stop and notice how that thought gives you a permanent job, how it fabricates for you an identity. It makes you a you, me a me, and God a God. Separation cannot drop as long as you exist. The you is the definition of separation. In separation, you do not vibrate at the frequency of love. You vibrate from a sense of personal need or loss. Even your version of love is fraught with conditioned limitations.

In Now, as Now, there is no separation, there is simply Now unfolding. There can be no me. It is why Now is called the razor’s edge. On that razor’s edge there is room for Now alone, no room for one to whom the now belongs. As Now, unconditional abundance, health and well-being, harmony and peace—the natural attributes of the Universe—flow from the stream of potential into reality because there is no separation resonance. As Now I dissolves into God, all recollections of a me with its assortment of unmet needs fades into oblivion, absolving the concept called need of any further inspection. I die into God the moment I no longer retain control. The beautiful act of surrender is an act of utmost Trust. In actuality, it is giving up something that never existed, other than in the collective dream. Naturally, as more and more are dipped in the vat of pure love, vibration seamlessly rises.

In Now there is only the present moment, unfolding, emerging into infinite expressions. What remains is what my friend Anrael and I call Eternal Genesis. Genesis intimates a one-time birth of our world. Eternal Genesis is the infinite creative intelligence breathing life into and out of existence moment-by-moment. It is the Dance of Life. It is Now. It is what we are.

Living, loving is exquisitely delicious, boundlessly precious. Now is more than our birthright, more than a higher vibration, more than a portal into God’s domain; it is what we are. It is so amazing, so perfectly designed no mind can comprehend it. All one who has glimpsed this truth can do is point. I can point to the source of the realization, but I cannot compel you to surrender unconditionally, to allow your entire sense of self to drop. I cannot coerce you to stop, to stop all movement towards or away from anything. I cannot make you trust God so absolutely, that you allow your individual identity to merge into the Creator. I could tell you that if you do all God’s promise becomes visible, yes—literally visible. But those are merely words. Until you know for yourself all I can do is point and tell you the societal myth is a lie. All I can do is point, and tell you that you work way to hard. Drop the lie and anything you need is yours Here, Now.

You are the stuff of God, for all there is, is God, and yet, you won’t know this until you die. Most belief systems point to the death of the body followed by rich rewards in an afterlife. Such a waste of truth. Death is the falling away of the false self, the not real I. Death, meaningful death, comes when the I drops, when the ego surrenders its small hold in real ‘I’zation of the bigger prize here on earth, here in the body.

And yet, ironically You can’t. You won’t. You don’t … not the you that you believe you are. Can you see? That’s why your idea of control holds such great potential. Let it drop away and see where the idea of a you is. Hold forth the possibility of commUnion with God; let that be your Ideal. Hold it single-mindedly so that nothing else matters. Don’t even let it matter if you get to stay around for the show, because a you won’t.

Seek ye God alone—nothing else, no exceptions. Then you will know the Truth. For the moment you truly choose, willing to die to the material world, God’s world makes Itself known. You will know it in your belly. You will feel it deep in the marrow of your bones. Sit and be still. Be Still and Know that I Am. The stillness is the absence of you. In the absence, which is your immaculate presence, all Life flows.

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  1. Goose bumps covering my whole body while reading your post. Yesterday I wrote the following questions in my journal.

    What will it take for me to have peace with what is? What would happen if I stop seeking? Or better yet if I stop worrying? How would I stop worrying when worry is there? Do I have a choice? Can I notice what I’m seeing and hearing-really notice and worry at the same time? Am I looking for what I already have? Trying to become what I am?

    After reading your post, I realize that embedded in each of the above questions is ego. The strange thing is that the goose bumps are not on my physical body. The message from the goose bumps is “This is exciting, right here, right now.” Amaya, I appreciate the aliveness of what was expressed through you. Happy New Year…..Wayne

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