Immersion in God

How many ways are there to prevent absolute, ultimate immersion into God? Oh my God—evidently there are infinite, immeasurable, unfathomable ways. Sometimes I really wish these human forms came with an owner’s manual, realizing, of course, that the Owner is God.

My most recent discovery—death is a deceitful distraction. It makes you believe in it and steals the truth. Right now, it is my top-rated diversion. It takes all we have to deny it, lots of guts to dance with it, even more to enter into it, and you’d have to be crazy to meet it without flinching.  You would think that embracing one’s death is doing the Good Work, wouldn’t you? I sure did. Sitting with my death, meeting and inquiring into this death, its potential, its probability … what a lie it is. I have met my death now four times. This time was different though. As I was feeling into it, simply sitting still, I heard the question, whose death?

I laughed. A sick little laugh, like the person who realizes they are the brunt of the joke. Whose death, indeed!

And yet, the process had begun. The energy spiraling into discovery was not to be denied. Even with the question so perfectly poised to destroy any semblance of a me, there was a deep, unreasonable need to meet my death.  As I watched, I realized that if I could not dissolve entirely into God, then death of this body and reUnion with God was far preferable. I would rather die than live another moment without the tantric embrace, the satiated realization of God—complete dissolution into the Infinite.

Even as the thought ricocheted through my brain, I could see its many failings. It banks on something that isn’t Here Now, something that can be attained with the physical demise of the body. It builds in a here and a there which does not exist. I sat right in the middle of the apparent contradictions. I did not move. I could feel the religious programming sloughing off in sheets.

When I shared my process with friends, I was reminded of a story. I think it was written about Papaji.

A student ask his master, “What am I doing wrong. I have surrendered completely. I have done everything you asked and still I have not met God.”

The master asks his student to walk with him to the River Ganges. They walk right into the water and wade in up to their waists. The master pushes the student’s head under the water and holds him down. Soon the student begins to struggle, to thrash his arms and legs, desperately trying to get his head above the water. The master maintains his grip. Just at the point when the student is about to drown the master releases him.

The student gasps and chokes trying to get air into his lungs. As he looks at the master’s face he hears, “When you want God as much as you wanted that breath, you will have Him.”

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  1. Dearest True Friend Amaya, I woke up in the pre first light hours of morning with your post coming forward in my conscious awareness.  The apostle Paul made a practice of “dying daily” and as we come deeper into the appreciation of eternal Life, of the eternal Genesis of Life, the questions “whose death?” and even “what dies?” arise.  Good inquiry for all of us.  I was told recently that I use too many capital letters in my writing.  Funny, I’ve thought of that, but I realized as my own exploration proceeded this morning that, as I explained to her, I use them to indicate what is greater than we are.  So when I say Life, I am saying God.  When I write Truth of Love, Power and Presence, I am saying God.  I read in The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East that the more often we use the word God, the better.  The usage instills a sense of God, little God seeds spread throughout our day.  I still don’t like that particular word much, still carries overtones of something male and separate up somewhere else.  So I use many other words, capitalized, to speak of what Only Is, like the word This.  I really like This because it has no mental connotations and indicates something close, intimate, right Here and Now, This, Only This IS. As the unfolding continued — the Word expressing  — the usage of capital letters began to spread.  What about Water, Ant, Tree?  What about Koie my Dog (God spelled backwards) and Bella Bhakti my kitty?  What about Amaya?  What about Couch, Stair?  Suddenly every object of mind began to die to itself as an object apart; an object of mind reified.  What about Body?  Whose death?  What dies?  A glimmering of the power of the mind to reify that Wisdom traditions have spoken to began to imbue my mind, thankfully.  The world we live in is a dead object made concrete by the mind’s reification: making real or concrete that we then relate to as an object of mind, an other thing over there.  Thus we treat it, the thing, like our Planet, as a thing of the mind.  Because our perception sees discrete objected, learns the name, knows it as a distinct object different than ourselves, that we then relate to — and there we are, in subject/object dichotomy usually with a feeling between, e.g.,  I like you.  I don’t like destroying the environment.  Pleasure and pain rule the actions in selfish pleasure seeking that doesn’t recognize that Omnipresence means This everywhere, all Things are not concrete separation objects over there, we are deeply interconnected through the deep ecological nature of Life that in higher aspects of our Being are all simply the One and the Same.  We tend to keep things in mind, memory, as we know them to be, giving a false sense of security, stability.  So then, for example, I become an object in your mind that you then think of and talk about, make into some thing real you (stabilized as separate self) can relate to with feeling, pleasant/unpleasant, desired/unwanted thing none of which has anything to do with Me, or US the Unity Self we are. To immerse, to dissolve, to die away, to live in the direct experience, “Only This Is, I This Am” means that another perspective and different way of perceiving Life occurs, as This uses This organ of perception we call body and soul to see, interact with, respond to — to Love All Itself as Itself.  “Love one another as I have loved you,” said Jesus to his disciples.  So I no longer feed my dog, God recognizes Itself as canine emanation that needs food and responds by providing food.  No me/self, no doer, no thinker — simply perception and response within a Unified Field of Being.  I This Am dwelling within the “secret place of the most High” wherein Only This IS perceived and perceives, is the perceiver, feeling, knowing and experiencing, right Here and Now on Earth.  Out from the StillPoint, the deep wordless Inner Silence and Stillness that Only IS expressing, exploring, experiencing.  What is born dies, this thought is already gone.  The forever Unborn lives forever as Life. To recognize Life as This that Only Is is to release the personal sense and the material sense of life our minds have been conditioned to — the spiritual practice of “dying daily” reveals that beyond and within the “parenthesis of eternity” as Joel Goldsmith calls birth and death, beyond words and thoughts Life is brimming over, bourgeoning forth Omnipresently, Omnipotently, Omnisciently including from within us ceaselessly as everything perceivable.  When we allow the wisdom of ignorance that is not knowing what we sense but perceiving and experiencing directly what IS Here Now, we open into the God experience: Life as it is, as we are.  So someone, an expert, says they perceive an indication from testing that we are ill; have dis-ease.  Who is ill?  What is illness?  Is it really a thing of the mind reified?  Do we trust that or trust our Resurrection and Life I AM?  What is Reality when it’s not a thing of the mind?  When we really release all ideas born of separation consciousness, health/illness, birth/death, me/you, self/object, wealth/poverty, lovable/unlovable what’s Here?  This is what seers, sages, mystics have been pointing to for a long time, that we stop living out of our minds, or rather we go sane by living out of our minds but live centered in our Heart as This Infinite Intelligent Life of Love knowing Itself as All That IS.  Living out from the Source in the direct experience of This Truth of Union that Is Free and sets us free from every imprisoning concept we believe in and make real: reify.  Deify instead, make This Real, the Actuality of a single LightHearted Being in infinite diversity in infinite combination. Thank you for your Beauty and Authentic sharing, Amaya I This Am.  What happens when we meet this thing called death?  When we don’t run and hide, deny, avoid, fight it?  Life is revealed and responds naturally, organically and appropriately with what is needed to bring out the inherent Glory of what Only and in Truth IS.  What a way to Be and to live true to This Truth Alive Here and Now as we are no Matter what!  So grateful to share This Life!  In joyous service to This, the Beloved in/as All. As above, so belowAs within, so without So with All.  May This Peace, Joy, Love, Truth, Freedom BE among All Being.

    LightHeartedly, Anraellaji  

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