Hiding in Plain Sight

I love movies, especially sci-fi, although lately I’ve been enjoying a wide variety of films. Subtitled films are some of the best. They keep me so wrapped up in the words and visuals I easily space that I am watching a movie. I am instantly transported to Korea during the Joseon Dynasty, or I find myself in Turkey sitting on a rich red rug with Yunus Emre. Sometimes I’m hanging onto the back of the driver’s seat as Dicte chases criminals through the streets of Denmark. It is great fun and more than entertainment. The fact that I can lose myself entirely is a brilliant teacher.

For most of us that describes life as well. We are conditioned by others who were conditioned to buy into the movie so completely that we disregard the light of the projector, let alone the screen, that makes experiencing life possible.

Whether sitting in the theater, the pulse throbbing, thrilled by the movement of light on the screen, sound asleep in a dream as you run naked through the streets, or experiencing a powerful physical reaction to life as you assume it is, there is one commonality, the mechanism of experiencing. In all cases, you are, at the least, the experiencer of the movement of light and shadow.

Caught in the separate self’s web of lies, most swear fealty to the movie, the dream, and life, overlooking the much bigger, juicier, supremely delicious actuality.

In a dream your mind creates worlds upon worlds with exquisite detail. I have woken at times after an intense dream absolutely in awe of the creative capacity within. It seems strange that in what we call real life, we see ourselves as a character – at the effect of the movie — a finite being in a finite world. It’s odd that we magnificently at cause while asleep and yet, in the material world we are its effect.

The idea of a material world is one of the lies that we have to accept in order to play the game of a separate self. It sure feels real, but what is it really? Close your eyes and check out your experience. Does the world go away when you close your eyes? Perhaps it remains in memory but how would you know? Sounds remain. Sensations and feelings remain but your perception of a world drops if you let it. Let it or not, it drops away each night while you sleep.

On the spiritual path you are asked to return to a childlike state of innocence. Perhaps a little further back is warranted, all the way back to the moment you arrived on the planet as a newborn babe. The babe has no concepts, no ideas or beliefs. S-he is a bundle of sensations without anything to attribute them. Close your eyes and go back to your truborn state and see.

Experiment; there is nothing to lose. Without the concepts and programming what are you?

Are you anything more than experiencing? Is it possible that you are simple, basic to all experiencing, awareness? Simple awareness is not simple at all when investigated thoroughly.  Have you ever known anything other than experiencing itself?

This basic truth is hidden from us. It hides in plain sight and because it does it is heedlessly ignored. It can’t be that simple!!

Perhaps it can.

Everything the separate self, that fusion of thought and resistance, wants you to see takes you further from redemption, separates you from even the possibility of seeing past the movie into its Origin. Because it is so fragile, based on nothing at all, the separate self demands total submission. Don’t peek behind the curtain! God forbid you look deeply into the house of mirrors it has created to shield you from the truth, for if you stopped and experienced your life through the eyes of a babe you would find that the separate self is made of nothing but struggle and distrust. It must make you doubt your very basic, extremely obvious, totally available I. If you slip past its battlements the script ends, the theater lights comes on. It’s the end of the struggle which hails the end of separation.

Recognizing and remembering True Nature is more natural than breathing. It takes no effort at all. When all effort stops True Nature shines forth. Being all that is, how could it leave or return, be lost or found? All constructs drop with the seeing, for there is not your True Nature but True Nature, the Nature of the Totality.

You are loved. These times are potent, designed to break down barriers and empty resistance if only for a moment. One moment is enough. True Nature shines through the crack created by your momentary lapse in efforting and once experienced, a new script sits upon the altar.   

“Here-now is clarified, enlivened energy awaiting your conscious awareness. A creator being, the universe’s wild child, you’ve always been the center of the universe. You’re dude number one – the only one.” Card #18 Consciously Aware, The Wild Child

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