Non-duality gets a bad rap and that’s understandable with the new agey interpretations that lead to spiritual bypassing. Disregard for another’s reality, for their deep experiences, the chaos of this world is heartless and only comes when one’s heart is so broken that not protecting it feels like it would trigger a messy and abrupt death sentence.

Many use terms like oneness, but have yet to experience it’s truth and it’s obvious by the callousness that ensues. The hard-hearted ones are trying to escape the hell they believe life to be. It is quite sad and sublime at the same time to be so untethered from reality, so broken that breaking others seems the right course. Of course it does when you are fighting to suppress the unsuppressable, that which courses through all creation, magnetized to free Itself, to return to its true nature. When you don’t know, are not open to This decompressing, unstoppable force, it scares the bejeezus out of you. Resisting is a natural step along the path, one we’ve all taken in this life time or another.

The recognition of Self is not callous, could never be callous, even when that recognition is in its infancy, what would be called transcendence. Transcendence is not a goal, is not something you attain. It is the beginning of the dissolution of the one you call you.

The misuse of language comes from the idea that we are only the witness to life, that which observes all the objects of experience. This when fully revealed is wondrous and opens into a caring, compassionate unattached observer, and … is but a rest stop along the never-ending, timeless pathless path.

With this revelation, rather than an opening into non-duality, one remains sheltered in duality, albeit a bit more illuminated, feeling a wee bit safer, still experiencing subject — the observer, and objects — everything else.

Immanence has yet to reveal itself.

As long as the belief in the actual factual reality of the world survives, immanence will endure as an unrevealed reality. Immanence is the revelation that we are not simply the observer but all things, all experiencing, the all that has no other, not one, not zero, not none.

When This reveals Itself as immanence the world as known ends — no time, no space, no objects, no subject, just This for which words are insufferably inadequate. The word’s of the mystics jump out — oh! that’s what they meant. The world shines, illuminated from within and the expression of This you call yourself feels like hugging everyone, bows humbly to every thing, could never be callous to Itself for that is All Here Is.

To the world still believing in the world, still thinking that matter matters, it looks like nothing has changed. The characters in the play go about their business. Life continues. The possibility of something different has not yet arisen, the reference points for such a Reality have yet to be born. We see through the eyes of our beliefs.

All beliefs limit. This of which I write is beyond belief and yet, funny enough, includes them all.

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