The Only Grail

Experiencing is absolutely real! Our experience as it is is the holy grail — the only grail. All else is not real in the way we have been programmed. Seeing a body, or a world-cosmos-universe, is only perception, the experiencing alone. It is non-dimensional infinite eternality, and wonders of wonders, rather that finite bags of skin with death sentences hanging over our heads, that eternality is what we are.

Hold on there! What about matter? Have you ever experienced matter? Isn’t what we call matter simply the experiencing? Isn’t it merely (hardly merely but that’s for later) knowing? Can you have a direct experience of matter? Isn’t it all knowing, experiencing, awareness aware of Itself?

If you get real, as real as your perfect experience, you will note something of grand import! The bottom line to all of life is knowing, experiencing, consciousness conscious of Itself. When we peel back the layers of experiencing — seeing, feeling, touching, tasting, thinking, perceiving — down to its raw form, the formless, the ground of being, you can go no further than consciousness, awareness, experiencing, knowing (all inadequate names for the same namelessness).

A mind can’t accept that every day ordinary knowing is the BIG IT seekers seek. Too simple. Impossible. Naw … couldn’t be … could it? Really?

What many call God is all there is — the experience and the experiencer seen for what they are disintegrate into pure experiencing. In truth, God sees through your (God’s) eyes. God feels through your experience. God is the awareness, the consciousness that is aware of your life and there is only one God, one consciousness seeing through the multiplicity. Each one truly is all apparent others. Once seen, it is impossible to being anything but Love.

Experiencing is Real. It is the wild child’s home, the cosmic video game where nothing ever dies, nothing is ever born, and nothing permanent ever happens. Reminds me of the old Star Trek episode Shore Leave, the one where fantasy becomes reality. Doc dies — well not really, although it sure seems like that to the crew. Gene Roddenberry sure knew what was what. What a perfect example of art imitating Life.

What would change in your experience of life if you truly grokked this truth? It is simple, basic. Step back into that within which is aware of your experience. It’s a tiny shift in perception … and remain there. Visit now and again until visiting isn’t enough and you relocate permanently.

It doesn’t matter what fears, thoughts, or beliefs you hold. It doesn’t even matter if you are resonating in trauma. Have compassion for yourself as I do. Sometimes that’s the hardest step. All arises in consciousness, in true nature. Shift the focus to the aware awareness and see what else shifts!

So much love to you all. I adore you!

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