You Can’t Know Me

To know me is to know yourself. There is no way to know me, to know anyone, if you do not know the nature of your self. Until that realization you can’t know me. I may speak and you will hear your own version of truth. I may write the most perfect words and you will read only your understanding in the moment.

You cannot know me. A separate self only knows its limited version of life, cannot fathom anything beyond its current reference points, let alone that which is prior to all experience.

This is the reason that sages have been misinterpreted through the ages. They spoke and acted from a higher understanding that was unintentionally put into a lower form by those who heard them. It was the best they could do with their current best understanding.

With each shift in consciousness the ability to see more, to hear something closer to the truth appears. That ability was not present prior to the shift. That’s why truth seems to expand. It doesn’t. You do. You are always expanding, right up and until the seismic shift that eradicates the ideas of a you who knows, a you who hears, a you who acts, eradicates the concept of bodymind as something real. It can only ever eradicate the idea, the concept for that is all there ever was, all that ever stood between the mirage of a you and the truth of who you really are.

Until that realization everything is limited, cannot but be a finite version of the infinite, exquisite eternal Beingness you are. You are the dreamer of all dreams. What you see and feel yourself to be is but one character, one dreamed life in the ocean of all Life. You are the Dreamer of Life dreaming all experience into manifestation. There is but one Dreamer, one consciousness, one awareness, dreaming us all and You are That.

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