Are you happy? It’s an important question because at your core you are happiness itself. Do the beliefs you hold bring you happiness or do they cause your beautiful self to contract a bit? Do your ideas about life cradle your wide open heart, that which is more natural to you than breathing, or do they cause you to ever so slightly rage against the dying of the world you think should be? Does that which moves you move through you as love in action or does it make you shiver, stopping you cold, maybe not for all but for those underserving few?

It’s really very simple. Are you happy?

If you aren’t, that’s your heart, your very being, pulling your strings, reeling you in, calling you home.

Do you believe you aren’t supposed to be happy all the time, that happiness is not possible in certain circumstances? That’s nothing more than a circular belief that wraps happiness in the box of later to keep you bowed at its altar.

If you’re going to supplicate yourself why not drop to your knees in happiness instead? Bow at the altar of unconditional love and let love lead you astray. Let life show you the magnificence of each being you encounter. Let it display the stunning array of God’s diversity, of God’s unique and perfect expression. Let life resound with incontrovertible proof that there is no other, never has been, never will be. Wouldn’t it be worth any price to absolutely, balls to the bones know that you were never ever separate and alone, that not only can’t you die but you were never born?

All that is required is to realize that all your beliefs are lies. See them for what they are — the good, the bad and the crazy — just convincing thoughts that scammed you and scrammed years ago, that emerged in awareness and instantly died back into that from which they appeared. They are long gone and only in your beliefs does their trace remain. Beliefs aren’t really much at all, just echoes of what was still empowered to reek havoc on your happiness. They were never real, had no reality to them. They were a flash in consciousness, nothing that lasts at all.

Follow just one thought to its origin and see what’s there. Watch it appear. Watch it dissolve. See what knows it. Inquire into what it is made of. Discover whether there is a knower and the known or simply the knowing. If there’s no subject and perhaps even no object, if it all collapses into simple, basic knowing, well that’s the definition of happiness.

Don’t trust me. See for yourself.

Consciousness is our basic being, the ground of all being. What are you waiting for?

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